Monday, 21 March 2016

Sweden 1977 - Owl

I just came across this beautiful stamp issued by Sweden on 8 September 1977. It was engraved by Martin Morck, who began his engraving career for Sweden. This was his first engraved stamp. And boy, what a ripper!!

Morck has engraved a lovely image of a Tawny Owl (my thanks to Adrian at Stamp Engravers for the owl info). Just look at the stunning artistry!!

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  1. Yes, it was his first engraving, which he submitted to the Swedish Post and they accepted it and therewith him and that was the start of a fantastic career. It's a tawny owl, which keeps me awake every night and yes, it 's a beautiful stamp!

    1. Hi Adrian,
      Thanks for the info. That's great. I thought it was his frist, but I wasn't entirely certain. And now that I know it's a tawny owl, I'll update the blog tonight. Thanks heaps