Thursday, 25 July 2019

Austria 1959 - International Hunting Congress (Part 2)

It plunges through the forest, leaving a devastating trail of torn branches and gouged earth in its wake. Its shiny brown fur quivers as its dense muscular hides tenses. It rampages across the terrain, unafraid, for it has very few predators, primarily the grey wolf and human hunters. This is the Central European boar (Sus scrofa).

The wild boar is native to North Africa, and most of Eurasia. In fact, it probably originated in Southeast Asia during the Early Pleistocene. But due to us humans the wild boar is now one of the most wide-ranging mammals in the world. This in turn has led to the wild boar also becoming a serious pest in many countries, especially since it has begun to cross breed with pigs, creating boar–pig hybrids. Such hybrids are now a terrible menace in countries such as Australia, Canada, United States, and Latin America. 


In 1959, Austria issued a stunning set of four stamps to commemorate the International Hunting Congress in Vienna. To see Part 1 click HERE The 2.40s value depicts a wild boar. This stamp was engraved by Georg Wimmer. The boar exerts a powerful presence in this stamp. Its strength, vigour and fearless nature are all expertly captured by this master Austrian engraver. Just look at that mouth and the single piercing eye. Little wonder this powerful beast has very few predators. An outstanding stamp.

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