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France 1943 - Lac Lérié and the Meije

Paul Almásy , born 29 May 1906 in Hungary, was a professional journalist and  photographer. Initially Almásy had planned to pursue a career in the diplomatic field, but after working as a correspondent in Morocco in 1925, he realized his love for journalism. After working several years as a journalist he started toying with the idea of taking his own photos for his articles. This proved to be an excellent idea. In 1935 he travelled to Latin America as a correspondent for the Swiss publisher Ringler & Cie. There he began taking photos to compliment his writing. Consequently, his photographic career bloomed.

After moving to France in 1938, Almásy travelled extensively as a journalist and photographer. He visited Africa, Asia, Alaska, and even the Arctic! And not only have his photos been used for journalistic purposes, his work has illustrated some 400 books. 


On 5 July 1943 France issued a stamp featuring Lac Lérié (Lérié Lake) and the Meije from a photo taken by Paul Almásy. The stamp was designed and engraved by Pierre Gandon.

This lovely stamp features Lac Lérié (Lérié Lake), a mountain lake in France, located some 2,450 metres above sea level west of La Grave, in the department of Hautes-Alpes. The lake sits on on the plateau of En Paris (or Enparis ). 

From the lake one is able to view the spectacular Mejie Glacier. The elegant way in which Gandon has illustrated the glacier is truly eye-catching, and deserves a close-up...


Today walks around the lake are quite popular. And I can see why. The vistas are magnificent!

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