Friday, 1 July 2016

I Found...Some More Year Sets

With a bit of strategic searching on ebay I have now managed to find complete France year sets for the decade of the 1970's for a reasonable total price. Well, I think it's reasonable, and I guess that's all that really matters.

My latest purchase, which completed the decade, was actually two year sets in one. The purchase included 1969 and 1970. A total of 82 stamps. I managed to find this batch for just over $20 AUD, which I consider quite bargain at 23c a stamp!

It goes without saying that I very much look forward to the arrival of this lot of stamps.


On a slightly different topic, you may recall from a blog I did recently, in which discussed display issues. I believe I have - albeit tentatively - come to the conclusion that displaying my stamps by engraver instead of by year may be the better option. Now all I need is a whole box of hagners for all these new stamps!!

Until next time...

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