Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Mali 1978 - The Head of Christ

I have just been browsing the net, looking for some stamp bargains, when I came across a stamp that caught my eye. The stamp was issued in Mali in 1978. In fact, this stamp was awarded the Grand Prix of Philatelic Art of the African Nations and Madagascar.

This stamp was engraved by Eugune Lacaque. Lacaque actually began his career as an engraver for the textile industry, eventually opening his own business. Lacaqaue came to the attention of the French Postal Authorities in 1967 when they asked him if he'd be inerested in doing some stamp engraving. He agreed. And the engraved stamp world has greatly benefited from that decision. Between 1967 and 1997 he engraved some 600 stamps for France, her Colonies, and a few other countries. I look forward to studying more of Lacaque's stamps.

In the above stamp, which features the head of Christ (Tête du Christ), the detail is simply sublime. The passion, anguish, pain and sorrow of Christ have been masterfully woven into the expression. Just look at the furrowed brow and the tortuously gnarled crown of thorns. I find it difficult to look away from the eyes! Ç'est une magnifique timbre !

I'd like to thank Adrian over at Stamp Engravers for the use of the image.

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